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    A circular economy – the best way to curb global warming and conserve resources

  • France is taking action: it is looking to further improve on the successes it has had in cutting carbon emissions as well as to introduce even more measures to protect natural resources. We are doing everything in our power to help turn these plans into reality - by systematically recycling materials and playing an active role in helping to create a national circular economy.

  • Less landfilling, more recycling: REMONDIS is well respected in France and has been for many years now

  • From Alsace in the north to Hérault in the south: being a circular economy pioneer and an experienced business partner, REMONDIS operates in many départements across the country. Our portfolio of services is particularly effective as we are part of the REMONDIS Group, one of the world's largest recycling, service and water companies. This allows us to combine our regional expertise with the extensive international know-how and technological capabilities of a group that is one of the biggest in its industry.

REMONDIS Electrorecycling S.A.S. – dismantling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

    • Discarded appliances not only contain valuable materials, such as copper, gold and platinum, but also hazardous substances that may pose a risk to human health and the environment

    • As it name suggests, REMONDIS Electrorecycling's main business involves the environmentally sound treatment of e-waste. We operate a dismantling centre in Troyes that processes waste equipment from across the whole of France. The appliances, which come from the 'Eco-systèmes' and 'Ecologic' take-back schemes, undergo a number of processes which vary according to the type of equipment. This ensures that all hazardous parts are removed safely and that the best possible recycling rates are achieved.

    Handling 40,000 tonnes a year, REMONDIS Electrorecycling is one of the leading WEEE recycling businesses in France. One outstanding feature: all of the company's processing activities have received accreditation in line with the strict WEEElabex standards.
    Find out more at remondis-electrorecycling.de

BUCHEN-ICS S.A.R.L – industrial services for catalyst-based process plants

    • Perfectly maintained catalyst reactors improve product quality and reduce environmental pollution

    • BUCHEN-ICS has been providing a comprehensive range of reactor, catalyst handling and silo cleaning services in France since 1984. Its portfolio ranges from initial inspection work all the way through to dismantling and installing reactor units. The company, which is based in Le Havre Cedex, is particularly well-known for its high quality and safety standards. Which are both very strong arguments for working with the company as catalyst reactors are often the central component of industrial plants,

    especially in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Customers of BUCHEN-ICS S.a.r.l. are the chemical and petrochemical plants of ExxonMobil, INEOS and Total as well as large industrial companies such as Air Liquide, Borealis, Novapex and Arkema.

    BUCHEN-ICS S.a.r.l. represents the sister companies of the group in various areas of industrial cleaning like automated tank cleaning, industrial filtration and chemical cleaning.
    Find out more at buchen-ics.com

REMEX Ressources Minérales SAS – mineral waste recycling solutions

    • The recovery of mineral waste reduces land consumption - fewer materials need to be quarried and less waste needs to be sent to landfill

    • REMEX deals with contaminated earth, asphalt, and other construction and demolition waste as well as ash and dust from incineration plants or industrial processes. The company offers its services across the whole of the country from its business locationsin Strasbourg and Muttersholtz. Its wide range of activities all focus on conserving natural resources. REMEX processes contaminated earth and transforms mineral waste materials into top quality recycled aggregates and quality-controlled secondary

    aggregates. REMEX works together with a number of different public and private sector customers, such as the Eurometropole in Strasbourg and the construction firms Eiffage and Vinci.
    Find out more at remex.de

REMONDIS France S.A.S. – an experienced partner for all aspects of hazardous waste

    • REMONDIS France's goal is to develop processing and recycling systems to enable it to recover an ever larger number of materials

    • REMONDIS France offers safe and legally compliant systems for handling practically all types and volumes of problematic substances. It focuses in particular on providing industry-specific solutions that meet the exact requirements of each individual sector. The company works for industrial customers as well as printing firms, photo laboratories, hospitals, doctors' practices and pharmacies. Its portfolio comprises all the steps needed – from providing advice to delivering a full range of services.

    Reusable materials are systematically recycled in, for example, one of REMONDIS France's four processing plants. The company is based in Méru and has branches in Angers, Gigean and Folschviller.
    Find out more at remondis-france.fr

REMONDIS S.A.S. - Collection and recycling of non-hazardous waste

    • In development since 2019 in France, REMONDIS S.A.S., based in Clichy, by Paris, is the subsidiary of the REMONDIS group in charge of "Non-hazardous waste" activities.

    • Our core business includes the collection of household waste, the production and recovery of RDF, the operation of sorting centers and incinerators for local authorities, the recovery of bio-waste (composting and methanisation), and the collection and treatment of commercial waste, wood, paper, plastics, cardboard, scrap and metals.

    Our development is focused on responding to public tenders, on external growth and on partnerships. Since the end of 2019, REMONDIS S.A.S. has been a shareholder in SEMARDEL, a public-private company located in the Essonne department (91), to which we contribute our extensive industrial experience.
    For more information: philippe.girard@remondis.com or clement.chauvin@remondis.com

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